400 – Large rehearsal room with piano

Studio 400 is our largest rehearsal room for rent. More reverberant than the other spaces, this room is greatly appreciated by acoustic ensembles such as choirs, chamber orchestras, acoustic bands ans solo singers as well.


This large room is also used for making musical and actor auditions. We do have a piano in the room, a nice Yamaha U1 upright that gives a grand piano impression due to it’s wide range of nuance possibilities.

This studio is ideal for :

•choirs, chamber ensembles and other musical bands
•solo piano practising
•solo singing practising
•music lessons

Some caracteristics :

•Yamaha U1 upright piano
•400 square foot surface
•air conditioning
•CD player, amplifier and microphone
•12 people maximum



1 musician (or teacher and student)
Regular: 13.25$/hour
10-h. package: 110$
Recurring booking (only during day hours): 10.50$/h

2 musicians
Regular: 15$/hour
10-h. package and recurring booking: same as 1 musician

3 musicians or more
Regular: 17.50$/hour
10-h. package: 140$
Recurring booking: 14$/hour


-Taxes included in all rates.

-Long term agreements are possible with this room. Contact us for more information.


STUDIO DESCRIPTION Regular 10 hour package Reccuring booking Rec. booking 4h/week
400 (groups) large room, Yamaha U1 upright 17.50 140 14.00 xx
400 large room, Yamaha U1 upright 13.50 110 10.50 xx
401 Aeolian 5’9 grand piano 13.50 110 10.50 9.50
402 Bechstein 6’9 grand piano 14.50 120 11.50 10.50
404 amp, mic, upright piano 12.50 100 9.50 8.50
407 Baldwin upright piano 12.50 100 9.50 8.50
408 Yamaha upright piano 12.50 100 9.50 8.50
Taxes are include in the prices.      Studios 401 to 408: rates only apply for up to 2 musicians/persons


What’s a 10-hour package, what’s a recurring booking, how do I book? All the information here.