404 – Practice room for singers and instruments

This practice studio is perfectly soundproof and offered at an affordable rate. It welcomes singers, small music bands and solo instrument players such as guitar, saxophone, trumpet, flûte, violin, etc.

This is something hard to find: a place where singers are not disturbed and disturbs nobody! Amplification equipment is always available in this room.


This studio is ideal for :

•singing practice amplified or not
•amplified or acoustic instruments rehearsals
•band rehearsals without percussion
•singing lessons
•home-made recordings

Some caracteristics :

•Kimball upright piano
•150 square foot room size
•amplifier, microphone, CD player and iPod cable
•air conditioning
•4 musicians maximum

Rates (1 or 2 musicians):

Regular: 12.25$/hour
10-hour package: 95$
Monthly rental: 9.50$/hour
Monthly rental 5h. or more: 8.50$/hour

-2$ per hour extra is asked for a third person/musician

-10-hour package is also good for room 407 and 408

-Taxes included in all rates.

What’s a monthly rental, what’s a 10-hour package, how do I book? All the information here.