407 – Small rehearsal studio with upright piano (Baldwin)

Some will say, evening availability at last! True, this small rehearsal studio is offered only between 4pm and 9pm from Monday to Thursday and gives priority to those who bought 10-hour packages for rooms 404 and 408.

Pretty much like room 408, the space has an upright piano and for singers, a small P.A. is furnished (without microphone) in which any digital music player or computer can be plugged.


Some characteristics :

• Baldwin Hamilton upright piano
• 100 square foot room size
• small P.A. JBL and digital player (1/8″) cable
• soundproofing
• 2 musicians maximum

Rates (1 or 2 musicians):

Regular: 12.25$/hour
10-hour package (404 or 408): 95$
Monthly rental (only during day time): 9.50$

-Taxes included in all rates.

-10-hour package is also good for rooms 404 and 408

What’s a monthly rental, what’s a 10-hour package, how do I book? All the information here.