408 – Practice room with upright piano

This small music room is simply a great place to practise, learn or teach piano.


This studio is ideal for :

•    solo piano practice
•    piano lesson
•    singing and acoustic instruments practice

Some caracteristics :

•    Yamaha C109 upright piano
•    150 square foot room size
•    soundproofing
•    air conditioning
•    2 musicians maximum

Rates (1 or 2 musicians):

Regular reservation: 12.25$/hour
10-hour package: 95$
Monthly rental: 9.50$/hour
Monthly rental, 5h. per week: 8.50$/hour

-Taxes included in all rates.

-The 10-hour package gives you also access to room 404 and 407.

What’s a monthly rental, what’s a 10-hour package, how do I book? All the information here.